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Krav Maga

What is Krav Maga?


Krav Maga is centred on self-defence combining aikido, judo, boxing and wrestling.  It focuses on realistic street fighting techniques. Krav Maga is an efficient fighting system and is used by the Israel defense and law enforcement forces. Variations of Krav Maga system are also used by the British SAS and US Marine corps (Black belt magazine 2010).

How can Krav Maga help you?

Although it was developed for the Israel Defence Forces, Krav Maga is something that anyone can do, even without existing martial arts training. Although no one wants to think about being caught in a dangerous situation, at Krav Maga you can learn the techniques necessary to protect yourself, should the need arise.

From your very first lesson you’ll find yourself:

  • Gaining confidence
  • Increasing your fitness
  • Learning how to deal with both armed and unarmed opponents
  • Hopefully liking us, as we’re a friendly bunch.

You’ll be surprised how fast you’ll learn. With your first lesson free, why not come along and see for yourself?

What can you expect from a typical training session?

Training involves:

  • 20 minute warm up incorporating stretching, fitness and pad work
  • 30 minute session on Krav Maga grading techniques
  • 30 minutes on self-defence techniques incorporating strikes, blocks and groundwork
  • For more experienced students self defence training incorporating multiple attackers, weapon defence training and advance take-downs.

What should you wear?

For your first few lessons we suggest that you wear sports clothing such as a tracksuit or tee-shirt and jogging bottoms/sweatpants. Footwear wise, you can either wear trainers or train barefoot.

Please note: Due to some of the techniques involved, we recommend that ladies do not wear vest tops.

Krav Maga training clothing can be provided for all students who want to progress in the Krav Maga self-defence system.

Our approach

Beginners start at Level 1 (White belt)  and train with the instructors in basic Krav Maga techniques. Instructors test students progress at structured gradings.  Students learn different techniques to progress through the levels. The higher the level the more intensive and challenging the assessment.  Below are the different belts that can be achieved.

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