Traditional Karate

Traditional Karate

We are an official Charter of All Okinawa Shorin Ryu Kenshin Kan Karate & Kubudo Federation.

In learning karate, or any other martial art, the student is faced with two tasks; the first is learning the techniques of a particular style and the second is developing skill in using those techniques.

Learning the mechanical movements of the various blocks, kicks, and strikes is known as kihon (basic) training and is usually learned by drilling the techniques in thin air.

Kenshin Kan Karate classes are formatted from the Homo Dojo, Okinawa Japan and the consist of:

The 25 Basics


The basics are critical for building a strong foundation in your techniques. It is like having a strong foundation on a house. If you have a weak foundation when a storm comes your house falls over just as when you get into a situation when you have to use your skills that you were trained enough everything falls apart and you end up being hurt or worse.

Ippon Kumite


After a student has a fair knowledge of the basics and knows how to put combinations together through kata the student then learns the one step sparring techniques (ippon kumite). This is done empty handed as well as with weapons later on. This utilizes one student attacking while one student defends. This allows the student to feel and see how effective or ineffective their block and counter techniques are. Eventually the student will move onto Kumite both without contact (the punch or kick is stopped inches from its target) or with contact (the strikes and kicks make contact on the opponents body utilizing protective gear). Full contact is not something that is mandatory but it can be a good tool for the student to feel what a real fight is like.

Within this system there are also certain Ippon Kumite or One Step Fighting Techniques that the student is required to learn. Below lists the Techniques required:

All Ippon Kumite below are done while stepping. Blocking side is always stepping back.

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